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Who are we

At Cross Source we measure success with the success of our clients.

As a recruiting agency, we know how hard and how important it is to find the right person. To help businesses find and keep their people, we offer recruitment services, headhunting, professional training, and payroll services. We make sure people find their right place because when they do, they give their best to stay there.


Our mission

We’re connecting people who love their jobs. Both employers and employees.

We look for the right candidates for our clients who will empower their businesses and revitalize the work. We nourish the talents and inspire people to excellence, so they can do what they do best. Because when employees feel better that makes them work better.


Why us

Making the right choice begins with having the right perspective.

This is why we get to know our clients and their companies, as well as our candidates and treat them both with personal attitude and empathy. At Cross Source we take responsibilities seriously and devote fully to meet the company’s requirements, making the recruitment process a lot easier.

The team

Our team of professionals have a background in different business areas and posses the key qualities for working with people. We are skilled at approaching people, have expertise in negotiating and know how to offer clear explanations to clients and job-seekers. Еvery recruitment specialist of ours has a high level of emotional intelligence and empathy skills. We are able not only to differentiate between good and really great candidates but also to find the best working environment for everybody.


Recruitment Services

Talent means growth.

We know talents are the main source of achieving high results and the biggest advantage of every company. This is why we specialize in the recruitment process and we carefully select candidates through telephone and face-to-face interviews to make sure they will make the right fit. We work with companies from all sectors and we deliver tailored solutions, finding professionals who are motivated, ambitious and inspired to contribute to the company’s growth in the long term.


Finding the right motive.

The greatest challenge is to convince an experienced person to change their job for a better one. Our headhunting process involves good research and a full understanding of the organization’s culture so we can be able to identify key individuals and attract them with the right approach. We keep the process in discretion and confidentiality to assure our clients the needed privacy.

Professional Training

Learning is part of the talent.

We offer professional training tailored to the needs of every company. Our programs are held by academic lecturers who are also professionals in the business field. We strive to make each of our training as helpful as possible to both sides and use the feedback to modify training and improve engagement in order to reach the desired success.

Payroll Services

The tools for success.

Proper administration plays a very important role in building a competitive business but requires constant tracking on regulatory changes, meeting tight deadlines and requirements according to the local labor and employment laws. Our team will help you with all that and will keep employees’ records impeccable. With our payroll and HR services, you can focus on your professional strengths and business priorities.

Corporate Events


Corporate & Private events

We understand that corporate events are really important business asset as they communicate your brand and company. We work with highly-skilled professionals to ensure that any event we organise is an original and authentic experience that lifts up your business.


Team Buildings

Team building is the key to transforming your business. Team building builds stronger teams, fills gaps between differences, adds motivation and increases productivity at work. We know the important meaning of being a “team player”, so we do our best to help your organization to strengthen relationships, generate excitement and loyalty, and reinforce your brand.


Catering & Decoration

We’ll bring your event to life with lunches, drinks, dinners and parties for both small and large occasions. Together with you we will come up with the best creative concept in which quality, inspiration and good experience will lead the road. Your specific wishes will be mutually discussed and incorporated into a tailor-made proposal to offer you true culinary delights.

Our Clients


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  • bluebear
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  • Натурални Технологии
  • Си Комерсиал
  • Долли
  • Зия
  • Вибо 71
  • Telco Systems
  • Pontica Solutions
  • SRF
  • TBI Bank
  • Miele
  • LEM
  • Geo Wealth
  • DevOcean Solutions
  • Code Runners
  • Baker Tilly
  • Amexis
  • All New Tech
  • SBTech
  • nexo
  • stemo

Merchandising Services


Product merchandising

Product presentation takes a crucial part of your business. We work with a team of professionals and guarantee that each shelf and each product will be represented in the best possible way.

What we can do for you:

  • Arranging the goods on the shelf and secondary management
  • Quantity optimization – no overstocking or lack of goods
  • Regular checks and tracking of the price and promotional labels
  • Verification and monitoring of expiration dates and commercial conditions of the products in compliance with the FIFO method

Visual merchandising

Interior design and overall visual presentation create the first impression to your customers. That is why it is important to be impeccable, memorable and beneficial to you.

Enhancing your visual representation, we bring you:

  • Additional sales
  • Maximum optimization of the available space
  • Controlled requests on quantities
  • Advantages over the competitors
  • Well stocked goods
  • Perfect visual representation

Reports and analysis

We can do detailed and complete reports and analysis to help you understand your own business even better, and also to follow the sales trends.

What our reports and analysis include:

  • Blocked SKU by the client
  • Prices of shelfs
  • Available price labels
  • Secondary exposures under contracts and additional exposures
  • Timely activation of promotions and sales
  • Available stock on shelfs
  • Competitors’ promo activities
  • Number of people per item
  • Any other information necessary for the supplier

tastings and marketing activities

Presentation and/or tasting is the easiest way to introduce new products to clients, to make new customers, to encourage the first and the following purchase.

We offer the of services:

  • Managing tastings, promotions, samplings and various marketing activities in retail chains and pharmacies
  • Presentation of the products to the end customer
  • Promotion of new products through various marketing activities

Providing performance analysis from the events

Our Clients


  • cocacola
  • fanta
  • vanish
  • meglio
  • Cillit
  • cif
  • savo
  • Dove
  • rexona
  • splat
  • airwick
  • Scotti
  • Scholl
  • monini
  • Philips
  • maina
  • durex
  • Balconi

What our clients share for us

We work with them, when our company has ambitious recruitment needs. They always have a professional approach, providing our company with the most suitable people for our various projects.
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Their team is made up of professionals who are always ready to cooperate and offer candidates suitable for the client's needs. We recommend them as a fair business partner.
Based on our good partnership and given our positive experience, we recommend the team, believing that you will find a reliable partner in their face.


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