The Purchasing Specialist works under the direct supervision of the Purchasing Manager,
representing the company to the community of raw materials and packaging suppliers.
The Purchasing Specialist works closely with the Production, R&D, QA, and Marketing departments to
identify company requirements and select suppliers who deliver a competitive advantage to the
company. The Purchasing Specialist coordinates the purchasing process and serves as an expert for
all purchasing-related policies and procedures and the company demands for raw materials and

• Establish, develop and keep good business relations with suppliers. Track out and
analyze vendor performance, pricing, delivery cycles, etc., and provide feedback where
• Participate actively in the negotiation process preparation and directly conduct the
commercial discussions for entrusted suppliers, raw materials, and packages as negotiating
best prices and most favorable business terms.
• Coordinate the purchasing process in respect of quality assurance of the delivered raw
materials and packaging, business terms development, approval of orders, and invoice
• Organize tenders for specific materials and services.
• Explore and analyze potential alternative suppliers and materials.
• Identify opportunities for cost savings, streamlined processes, and procedures, and smart
procurement strategies.
• Develop and maintain a high level of expertise in specific raw material and packaging
areas, acquire and use in-depth knowledge of the industry, its competitive dynamics,
technological and product trends, the suppliers, and their capabilities.
• Manage supply chain risk of the raw materials and packaging.
• Collaborate and take part with the Supply Specialists Team in claims dealing, purchasing
orders, and warehouse stock optimization.
• Prepare contracts, supplier assessments, and periodical reports. Keep a database of
suppliers, materials, and prices.

• We are looking for FAST & SMART, enthusiastic person with:
• At least 3 years of experience in a similar position of negotiating with suppliers from
International environment
• Excellent writing and verbal skills in English and Bulgarian
• Excellent computer skills in MS Office
• Knowledge of another language will be an advantage
• Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in International Economic Relations, Business
Management, Economics
• Strong, NEXT TO-YOU communication, rhetoric, and negotiation skills
• Strategic and logical thinking. BRAVE use of reasoning.
• Ability to systemize and analyze