We are looking for a individual with previous experience as Marketing Automation Manager.
Candidates with background experience of more than 3 years as well as experience in forex would be considered with higher priority.

Job Description:
The role of a Marketing Automation Manager is to manage software that streamlines processes, automates manual workflows, and sets up measurement tools that generate actionable insight. Ultimately, the Marketing Automation Manager’s goal is to use automation to improve operational efficiencies and grow the bottom line. They combine strategy, creativity, and technical skills to build a brand and increase leads.

Skills Breakdown
The Marketing Automation Manager must be able to envision how automating a workflow could help a business. They must have the clear insight to be able to see a goal, and then use technology to help achieve it faster and more efficiently than ever before. They must develop and implement global strategies to increase leads, improve campaigns, and build databases. These strategies must be innovative enough to set our company apart from everyone else in the market sector.

Marketing Automation Managers figure out what tools to use to reach potential leads. They will often collaborate closely with designers and copywriters to help determine how automation could help a campaign. Key to this process is the creativity necessary to carve out an eye-catching message to a target audience. Sending very specific and personalized messages via sophisticated automated campaigns is an important part of the role of a Marketing Automation Manager. To do this, this expert must have a “think outside the box” creative attitude with careful attention to testing and analytics.

Technical Skills:
In mid-market and enterprise-level organizations, a Marketing Automation Manager may supervise the design and IT team necessary for the automation to occur. That could consist of web, UX, and graphic designers, email specialists, analysts, CRM-certified technology experts, or others that make automation happen. Understanding their processes, both front-end and back-end, will be a necessity for a Marketing Automation Manager to keep things moving forward. If the organization has a marketing automation software tool, the Marketing Automation Manager will be responsible for it. Finally, the role requires this manager to review and analyze data to spot trends and develop lead scoring mechanisms that help guide campaign effectiveness.
Marketing automation helps companies nurture relationships over the long term by staying in front of customers so that when they’re ready to buy, they think of our company first. The Marketing Automation Manager develops the strategy, then reverse-engineers the processes that help organizations reach their goals. They drive both inbound and outbound marketing efforts by leveraging technology to help marketing and sales teams work a lot smarter and a lot faster.

Additional characteristics:
• Business acumen in order to develop market strategies.
• An understanding of consumer psychology and behavior.
• Strong collaboration skills to work with interdepartmental disciplines.
• Project management skills that develop and follow a roadmap to better client engagement.
• A digital expert in web, email, social media, smartphones – and more.
• Outstanding written and verbal communication skills.
• Savvy technologists, but also organized enough to not need technology to move projects forward.
• Flexibility to adapt to fickle consumer behavior.
• Analytical and driven by data metrics.
The Marketing Automation Manager must have equal skills in technology and people. The role has high visibility; it potentially touches multiple departments, so this executive must be a team player as well as being keenly aware of the latest software tools to drive marketing.

What we offer:
• Attractive base salary.
• Full time position – 5 days a week.
• Social benefits – Multisport card.
• Birthday Gifts.
• Paid Vacations, Holidays & Team buildings.
• Special educational program for the first month.
• Weekly sport day (Football) + catering in the office.
• Abroad training for personal development with mutual benefits.
• Opportunities for growth to a higher position in the Company.
• Variety of different food and drinks in the office.