We are looking for: MARKET RESEARCH EXPERT

Check our competitor APPs daily to analyze the mobile market (top competitors), features and marketing strategies to understand the opportunity and potential value for our APP
Monitor the status of soft launches, unannounced APP, pre-registrations and major new releases across the industry
Work with Product, Feature design & Marketing teams to share insights about innovative app practices within the mobile industry, aligned with the company’s strategy
Work closely with our business partners to advise them and encourage them to go above and beyond the latest market trends and technological advances in app
Deliver presentations with relevant findings in order to convey complex problems and identified solutions in a creative way
Investigate how specific features influence APP Economy and user behavior and clearly communicate findings
Work with the most advanced market research tools to refine data-driven actions

At least 2 years in a role related to analysis, research, or marketing research
Strong quantitative and qualitative analysis skills
Excellent presentation skills
Strong verbal and written communication skills in English
Ability to multitask, prioritize and meet deadlines
Knowledge of social media platforms as well as a keen curiosity about technology and the industry
Previous experience in Competitive Intelligence in mobile games industry
Knowledge of online research tools
Demonstrated knowledge of data collection and measurement methodologies.