We are looking for: JavaScript Frontend Developer – Vue.js, Web apps, Desktop apps

What We Do:
-Advanced components
-Desktop apps
-Great UX
-Responsive apps
-Internal libraries

Our Tech Stack We change it every few months:

We care about the code we write and we carefully choose our tech stack to futureproof.
That is why we chose Vue.js.

Our Projects:
-We use Vue a lot… obviously
-All of our apps follow the Vue recommended style guide
-Our apps have e2e tests with Cypress (not all of them but most of them)
-Our apps follow the Airbnb code standard
-Our apps are commoditized friendly
-Our apps use semantic release
-Our apps actually have docs and README’s

-Work with Vue.js on a daily basis
-Build web, mobile and desktop apps
-Write e2e tests
-Automate your workflow

Must Haves:
-Experience with Vue.js, Vuex, Vue Router
-Experience in building web apps
-Experience with Webpack
-Experience with git

Bonus Skills:
-Building large apps with Vue.js, Angular or React
-Automated testing (Cypress, Nightwatch, Mocha)
-You write neat and tidy and use JSDoc
-Performance optimizations

This job is Expired