We are looking for: a Business Analyst.

Description of the position:

A Business Analyst’s main job is to monitor our exposure to the different financial instruments that we offer. This includes making various reports on current market conditions, expectations, and how our clients react to those, overseeing their trades – all to make sure we know where we are and how our finances are moving, in case action needs to be taken. A substantial part of the job is also seeing through that the technical aspects of our platforms work accordingly and we provide proper services to our clients. Computer aptitude aside, this also entails knowledge of said financial instruments (close to 1000 in count) – what they are, what they consist of, how they’re traded, what conditions we provide to our clients to trade with them, etc. Another duty to ensure our safety in the business is to perform the initial control and checks of transactions that come into our system. The business analyst also has to know the conditions we allow, so we can immediately notice and take action against anything in violation of those. Most important of all is to simply be able to pay attention to small details, prioritize tasks, be alert, and, before all, ready to react to any need that arises, so that both client and company are handled accordingly and safely.

Our Requirements:

– Fluent English is a must
– Previous experience in the field working as an FX back office representative is a plus
– High level of accuracy is essential

We offer:

• A stable job and career development opportunities
• Working on shifts
• Attractive salary
• Additional health insurance
• Special benefits for our team members (Multisport Card, Happy Hours, etc.)